Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Surgery Day

On Friday September 30th 2011 I was scheduled for LASIK at 12:40pm. I worked that morning, just to keep my mind off of things. I left from work, went home and ate a light lunch. My husband drove us to Greensboro and as soon as we arrived they were ready to take me back. They did more tests on my eyes, looking at corneal thickness, curvature, etc. Then, I was taken to the exam room where Dr. Stonecipher refracted me and looked at the health of my eye. His assistant explained to me all the forms I needed to sign and then gave me a Xanax to calm my nerves. I was then excorted to a dimly lit room that had two oversized recliners. There was already a woman in one of the chairs waiting. I sat down, someone cleaned my eyes in preparation for the surgery and I then relaxed listening to the music they had playing.
A few minutes pass and the woman waiting with me was called back. I watched the clock, or what I could see of the clock (my glasses were off) and that same women came back out in no time. I thought wow, that was fast. Then it was my turn. I was escorted into the room that had the Allegretto Wave laser. This is the fastest, most precise laser out there.

I laid on a bed, was covered with a soft blanket and given a pillow until we were about to start. When Dr. Stonecipher was ready they moved the bed under the part of the machine that was going to make the flap in my cornea. My eyes were numbed and he placed a small device on my eye. All I felt was pressure as my flap was made. I believe this is the part that most people remember. The pressure in your eye bulids but only for a few seconds and then it is over. It is not painful at all, just a little uncomfortable. After the flaps were made, the bed I was on moved under the laser that was going to correct my vision. I was instruced to look at the green light. This light was definitely a little fuzzy. Again, my eyes were numb and Dr. Stonecipher carefully pulled back the flap to prepare my stromal bed (part of the cornea that is lasered). He once again said to look at the green light and very soon I heard the laser correcting my vision. The flap was laid back down and smoothed into place. At this point the green light was MUCH clearer. The same was done to the other eye.

All in all, I believe it took less than 10 minutes per eye. So easy!! I don't know why I got so worked up. After the surgery, my cornea was examined and shields were place over my eyes with sunglasses. I went out, they called my husband over and we left. As soon as we were on the road, I could tell a HUGE difference. I could see!! I could read the street signs and I knew my vision was just going to get better.

As soon as we got home, I took an Ambien and slept as instructed. I woke up to have dinner and then went right back to sleep.