Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The Day After

My 1 day pot-op appointment was at 8:15 on Saturday. My son had a soccer game, so my mom drove me to Greensboro. Again, I didn't have to wait long at all. Dr. Stonecipher examined my eyes and was extremely pleased with how they were healing. I was reading the 20/20 line and even a few letters on the 20/15 line, WHOO HOO!! My instructions were to rest, stay away from pools, lakes, spas etc because of the threat of a corneal infection from the water, use my drops as prescribed, no makeup for 2 weeks, avoid getting water in my eyes when showering, and wear the shields at night while sleeping for 1 week.

Ladies, I know what you are thinking.... no makeup?!? I normally only wear a minimal amount of makeup, but 2 weeks without eyeliner was hard to imagine. It really has not been that bad. You do have to throw away all of your eye makeup and get brand new stuff, but this is because your eye makeup can harbor bacteria, so better safe than sorry.

OK so back to Saturday. My mom and I left and again, my vision was already great. We decided to grab some coffee and head to the soccer fields to take in a little of my son's game. It was cold and windy and my eyes started getting a little dry so we scooped up my youngest child and headed home so I could rest.

I slept for a little while, but come on, it's Saturday and college football is on. I watched our Alma mater NC State play, a few more games, then called it a night.